Miniature Golf

golf1Colorado Canyon offers some of the best miniature golf holes you will find. We offer two 18 hole golf courses for you to choose from. Play the exciting Durango course or try the equally challenging Silverton course. All 36 holes are designed to entertain adults and children alike. Every putting green offers a new challenge. Try putting your ball through our Y-shaped log that leads your ball to its own private island in the middle of a lake. One hole even lets you use the river itself to help move your ball along to its final destination. Play underneath our giant water tower, oil derrick, or in front of our massive 16 ft. tall waterfall. Our course makes a great date night destination or just a fun day or night with the family.
golf2Also, we have a special 18 holes that are handicap accessible. The bricks that help contain the ball in play have a exit area where they are only about 1/3 the size of the normal bricks. This gives wheelchairs, strollers and walkers an easier exit point but still helps keep the ball in play. We always suggest someone to assist the handicapped person with these exits and to get around the obstacles. This course starts on the Silverton course and switches to the Durango course on hole seven. By following this course you are also able to avoid stairs that are part of the other portions of those courses.



Regular Golf Pricing:

  • One Course—–$7.95
  • Both Courses—$12.00

Senior Golf Pricing:

  • One Course—–$6.95
  • Both Courses—$11.50

Children’s Pricing:

  • $1 per year of age through age 7