Gemstone Mining

sluice265smallThis attraction is one of the best kept secrets in Beaumont, and one of the most fun as well. Leave it to Colorado Canyon to bring you the most unique and fun experience in Southeast Texas.
Our authentic Gemstone and Fossil panning sluice is fun for everyone and perfect for field trips. Gemstone bags are available in a small or large size bags, and the fossil bags are available in large.

gemminingparty1smallKids will love collecting the over 40 brightly colored gemstones from around the world and all 32 fossils are real and up to 1 million years old.
This attraction is the ultimate in educational fun, so be sure to tell your school or class about it today.
If you are a teacher give us a call to set up your field trip. This attraction is also available as a birthday party activity.


Gemstone Mining Prices








Regular Gemstone Bags:

(8 oz. of gemstones + arrowhead + crystal point)

$7.95 ea.

Large Gemstone Bags:

(Emerald & Ruby Bag – 11 oz. of gemstones + arrowhead + crystal point + real rubies & emeralds)

$9.95 ea.

Fossil & Shark Tooth Bags:

(15-16 Real fossils + real shark teeth)

$9.95 ea.